Your first visit at the Chest and Allergy Centre

How to prepare

Please let the receptionist know whether you are booking a general, allergy or pulmonology consultation for an appropriate time to be allocated. For allergy consultations, please stop taking any oral antihistamine medication for five days before the visit. For pulmonology consultations, please skip inhalers on the morning of the visit if the patient is well.

What to bring

  • When available, a referral letter.
  • Copies of previous medical reports.
  • Results of diagnostic tests.
  • Previous X ray or CT scan images.
  • Road to health or vaccination card.
  • Medication that your child is already taking, as well as asthma pumps and spacers.
  • For those with allergies to fresh foods, a small portion of that particular food.

What to expect

Initial consultations for allergy and pulmonology are an hour long during which time your specialist will take a detailed history, do a full physical examination, and where appropriate, do a skin prick allergy or lung function testing. These results will be available on the same day. When required, blood and specialised radiological investigations may take longer.

Registration forms

Dr Sarah Karabus
Paediatrician & Paediatric Allergologist

Dr Julie Morrison
Paediatrician & Paediatric Pulmonologist

Dr Taryn Gray
Paediatrician & Paediatric Pulmonologist


Below, please find our policies available to download.

Billing policies
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Complaints policy
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Terms and conditions
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Information and other forms

Bronchoscope information and consent forms

Immunotherapy information

Skin prick test information

Allergy and anaphylaxis action plan

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