Dr Fiona Kritzinger Paediatric Pulmonologist
Dr Fiona Kritzinger Paediatric Pulmonologist

Dr Fiona Kritzinger

Paediatrician & Paediatric Pulmonologist

Dr Fiona Kritzinger graduated cum laude from the medical school of Stellenbosch University in 1999. She received the Chancellor’s Medal from Stellenbosch University the same year for her academic excellence and other achievements.

After completing her internship and community service in South Africa, she completed her first year of paediatric specialist training in Brisbane, Australia. Thereafter she relocated to Cape Town where she completed another three years of paediatric specialist training at Stellenbosch University. She graduated cum laude with a Master’s degree in Medicine (Paed) and received the Robert McDonald medal from the College of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA) in the final paediatric exam in 2006.

In 2007, she commenced her subspecialist training in paediatric pulmonology at Stellenbosch University. In July 2009, she received a Skye Foundation scholarship and was accepted as a fellow in paediatric respiratory medicine in the Hospital for Sick Children to further her studies at the University of Toronto, Canada. While in Canada, she completed a year of general paediatric respiratory medicine sub-speciality training and an additional 6-month fellowship in paediatric lung transplantation.

Dr Kritzinger returned to Cape Town in 2010 with the vision to create a centre of excellence, based on the same principles observed in Toronto, that would give children with complex respiratory problems access to state of the art respiratory care provided by a highly skilled and experienced multi-disciplinary team.

She received the Certificate of Pulmonology (Paed) from the CMSA in May 2010 and is registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa a paediatric pulmonologist.

She has been involved with several pulmonology related publications and presents at national and international conferences regularly. She holds a part-time position of external lecturer in the Department of Paediatrics at Stellenbosch University, and she serves on the executive board of the Paediatric Management Group.

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